Pre-school dance classes and
your child are our specialties!

This will perhaps be your child's first introduction to the wonderful world of dance or even to a classroom environment. Social skills, communication skills, and, of course, locomotive and physical skills will be challenged in a new way. We want to make sure that your child's dance training is fun, safe, and age & ability appropriate. We work not to make your child a "star", but to instill a lifelong love for music and dance.

The songs we sing, the steps we execute, all prepare students to build on the technique needed for proper training. The excitement of perfecting a movement and the feeling of accomplishment will add confidence to each student. Not giving up and working towards a goal, even at a young age, are lessons that will stay with students for a lifetime.


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Dance & Play

24 months & up
A 45-minute program that starts with parent or adult participation. Social skills of sharing, waiting on line, and taking turns are encouraged and rewarded while exploring dance and play activities including pre-ballet, aerobic activities, and tumbling.

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Dancing Tots

3 year olds
An independent 1-hour program for potty-trained students (no pull-ups permitted) that uses games and fun exercises to teach the fundamentals ofballet and dance through skipping, hopping, balancing, rhythm and coordination exercises. The tumbling portion of the program introduces the fundamentals of acrobatics and reinforces self-confidence. Simple songs and dances are presented in the annual production and to be sure - they steal the show!

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4 - 5 year olds
A 1-hour class of ballet and tap introducing formal dance training through proper terminology and technique. It's a fun approach to fundamental ballet technique and basic tap through repetitive movement and muscle memory. Initially the entire class wears a soft ballet shoe - after a few classes, hard work and effort is rewarded with tap shoes and students are ready to execute and hear the tap steps that they have been practicing. Both ballet and tap routines are performed in the annual production.

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Combo IA & IB

5 - 6 year olds
A 1-hour class of ballet and tap (IA) or ballet and jazz (IB) which builds on the fundamentals of both dance disciplines. New terminology and technique are introduced and practice at home is encouraged for continuous progress. The fun songs and teaching methodology make class time a creative, educational, and fun environment. Both routines are performed in the annual production.

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Combo IIA & IIB

6 - 7 year olds
A 1.5-hour class of ballet and tap (IIA) or ballet and jazz (IIB) devoted to building strong technique in a fun environment. More challenging terminology and proper technique encourages concentration skills. Home practice ensures continuous progress that is rewarded with self-confidence and personal accomplishment. Both routines are performed in the annual production.


Additional Classes Available



Ages 5 and up
A 1-hour class where students learn the basics of acrobatics on our mats with our specially trained teachers



Ages 5 and up
A 1-hour class for students to learn the most current trends in hip-hop technique.