The PDC has Policies and Procedures in place to ensure a safe, fun, and proper environment to foster the best dance education for your child

Call the studio one hour before your class time for a recorded message regarding studio closings.  If the studio is open, but you are uncomfortable with driving, you will be excused from class and no absence will be recorded.



It is important to attend every class in order to benefit from consistent training.  Promptness is also important.  It is disrupting to a class when a student comes in after the lesson is in progress or needs to leave early.  If a student is absent from class, they are responsible material taught in the missed class.  Coming to class early to consult a friend, or calling the studio in advance are some ways this can be achieved.  New steps cannot be taught again and again, since this would not be fair to all faithful attendees.


As of January 1st, students who have more than 4 absences in a subject will not be eligible to perform that routine in the annual production.  Of course, if a student is sick, we do not expect them to attend class, but after 4 absences in a subject this regulation goes into effect. It is a privilege to perform in the annual production and your classmates are counting on you and your professional commitment. No costume refunds will be issued.


No make-up classes after March 13th, due to recital routines being underway. After March 13th, missed classes are lost classes. After the recital we hold a Try-It Week, which is 3 days of classes in various subjects free of charge for students to try a new subject, or to make up for missed classes.