The PDC offers the following subjects in Graded and Recreational levels
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip-Hop, Modern
Pointe is offered for graded level students upon invitation



Graded level dancers are serious students who must take ballet. Placement in the Graded program is based on aged and ability, and dancers must attain a certain level of achievement in order to move on to the next level. It is not uncommon to repeat a Graded level. Some students take classes in Recreational level until a level of achievement and/or dedication is attained. Since not all students achieve the same ability level the same time, the class will not remain together year after year and students should understand this is in order to get the best curriculum offered for their ability. The Junior and Senior Graded levels are performance levels and students are invited based on the Director's and teachers' recommendations. 



Recreational level classes are designed for students whose primary interest in dance is for physical activity and social interaction. These students can be beginners or more experienced dancers. Often, students may start a new subject in the Recreational level and move into the Graded level. Many students who have scheduling conflicts with other activities enroll in the Recreational level classes which are based on age range: 8-11 or 12& up. Students will experience the same quality training and individual attention given in our Graded level classes.



The PDC offers ballet, tap, and jazz adult classes based on popularity. Adult classes are friendly and encouraging, and provide a fun way to exercise and socialize. Adult dancers are not required to wear a leotard or tights, and may choose to wear activewear or gym-type clothing. Appropriate shoes are required for each dance class.