Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions,
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email us, call us at 732-787-0727,
or stop by at the Middle Road Shopping Center and speak to Miss Anita, our fabulous office manager!

Why should I choose the Perna Dance Center for my child's dance education?

We are a family owned and operated studio that has remained at the same location for more than 30 years. We offer quality dance education in a fun, non-competitive, and nurturing environment. With our professionally certified, friendly, and reliable faculty we have developed a reputation for being a studio that provides solid dance training, exceptional performance opportunities, and a place where friendships are built that last a lifetime.

Refer to our Philosophy & History page for more info!

What can I expect in my child's dance class?

Whether a recreational dancer who takes dance for pure enjoyment or a graded level dancer who wants a more serious challenge (with the additional discipline of ballet), you can expect an organized and methodical dance curriculum that is age and level appropriate for each child. The PDC offers more than 100 classes per week - for Tots, Teens, and Adults - so we now that there is a dance program that will suit your needs and schedule. Along with appropriate class size, experienced teachers and assistants, you can expect to learn correct technique and terminology in a fun and friendly environment. We are proud of our age appropriate technique, movement, music, and costuming. 

Refer to our Pre-School Program page or Graded & Recreational Program page for more info!

Why does my child need to wear a uniform for dance class?

The Perna Dance Center has a uniform leotard requirement for each dance class because we feel strongly that dance is a discipline. Just as if your child were involved in cheerleading, karate, or any sport where a standard must be upheld, the same applies for the art of dance. Dancers work harder and stay more focused if they are properly dressed for class. The studio is a 'special place' with a 'special' dress requirement. 

Refer to our Uniform & Class Attire page for more info!

What are the PDC facilities like?

The Perna Dance Center has four large, clean, and fully equipped dance rooms. Professional flooring, air-conditioning, double barres, multiple walled mirrors, and variable speed music stations are featured in each classroom. We offer off-street parking and easy student drop-off along with closed circuit classroom viewing in our front lobbies that does not distract students in class. Each classroom has its own restroom and all studios are located on the ground floor of the family friendly Middle Road Shopping Center. Our students and families are invited to patronize Luigi's Pizzeria, the P&P Sweet Shoppe & Grille, and UJ's Asian Bistro.

Refer to our Facilities page for more info!

Why doesn't the Perna Dance Center participate in dance competitions?

Dance is a performing art, not a competitive event. The focus of many competitions schools is winning trophies, and it seems that eery school wins something at every competition, and every school can attend some type of 'national' competition. Competing involves extra classes, rehearsals, and costumes which means extra expenses and stress on the students and their families.

Competitive students spend most of the dance year focused on perfecting a single competition routine - but is this learning dance technique? Is this learning how to dance or just putting time and energy into winning a trophy? 

Students at the Perna Dance Center have many performance opportunities both on a local and national level. Students participate in community and charity events, volunteer to join the Holiday Troupe and have many other outstanding performance opportunities. PDC students were born to perform!

Who do I speak to regarding registration and other questions?

Our professional studio staff is available for you during our business hours six days a week (4:00 - 9:30 M-F and 9:00 - 1:00 Sat). Our two business desks are located in our lobbies and Miss Anita, our office manager, is happy to help with any and all questions. We have additional staff in the form of PDC Interns and Student Assistants who help out at the desk area and dancewear boutique. Of course, the Director and teachers are always available for a private consultation regarding any student. Kindly call the office at 732-787-0727 so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss any situation.